Gain knowledge, skills, and work experience by training in accountancy and book keeping

All the necessary knowledge and skills to apply for accountant work.

The course will facilitate you with the core understanding of manual and computerised accountant by using Sage 50 Professional.


Basic knowledge double-entry bookkeeping
  • Session 1: Bookkeeping and accounts
  • Session 2: Introducing double-entry bookkeeping, fixed assets, etc
  • Session 3: The Trial Balance, journals, and General Journal report
  • Session 4: Working with your customers and suppliers
  • Session 5: Types of error and correction
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An entry level introduction to accountancy and book keeping; the course will provide the theory and practical keys for understanding the profession, plus basic knowledge of Sage professional.

You will be learning at a comfortable pace, learning or adding further knowledge from the beginning, while understanding concepts and  practising account skills.

You will be participating individually, in pairs or groups over exercises before answers will be provided and explained to you.

The objective is to learn all about journals, cash book-keeping, double entry,
ledgers and how those merge into a General Ledger.

Aims of the course

By the end of the course, you will feel comfortable by familiarising and understanding the core concepts and acronyms, and the allocation of the accounts into a Balance sheet and/or P&L account.

With completion you will feel confident to start Level 2 to emerge into the accountancy world.

Level 2

Extend your knowledge and gain experience
  • Session 1: Review the fundamentals
  • Session 2: Working with prepayments and accruals
  • Session 3: Accounting for fixed asset and depreciation
  • Session 4: Accounting for write-offs
  • Session 5: Reconciliation and VAT return
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It is a complete overall understanding while undertaking tasks in the professional level.

While recalling Level 1, new concepts and knowledge will be incorporated.

You will be participating in some mock classes simulating workload and deadlines while processing invoices, as well as payments and creating reports in good time.

You will be working individually, in pairs or groups.

You will also learn specific areas, such as Cost analyst and others, and practise the Sage Professional with all the relevant information and tools needed.

Aims of the course

The course will prepare you confidently to start an entry level in accountancy, business and/or finances, likely facilitating success in some jobs interviews.

After this course you’ll be familiarised with a high level of understanding in accountancy for future presentation of reports and notes to the financial statements.

Total course fee: £150 (includes £50 booking fee)

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