My name is Alejandra, an AET teacher.

About the teacher.

I am a fully-qualified accountant with a Bachelor’s Degree. I have studied in several countries and some University and postgraduate courses. For several years, I have managed my own business in the fitness industry, whereby I justify myself by saying: “Hey! One career complements the other!”

In 2014, I received the award in education and training which allows me to train others in several fields within the profession.

I have worked in three different countries; in Argentina, as a tender, and several other accounting jobs in NZ and London.

Recently, I have gratefully received the opportunity to use the 4Syte Ltd facilities, which enables the studies to be possible in Chelmsford.


Objective of the course.

The course will facilitate the information needed to feel confident working with the Sage accountant package. The overall knowledge is aimed to be enhanced depending on your own work-knowledge and experiences by providing relevant skills related to the bookkeeping and accountancy profession.

Furthermore, you will receive proactive knowledge and self-direction. It might challenge the start of a new career in business or other areas within the profession.

It would facilitate the potential of obtaining a better job and/or new opportunity for a better future income.

Course content.

The course content might be modified or completed according to the group’s needs. It is important to complete the enrolment form with as much information as possible to facilitate allocation to the correct group.

At the end of the course, you will receive certification based on the knowledge gained, adding further experience and practice to facilitate new trainings or directly applying for jobs matching their requirements.


The course does not guarantee access to work or employment.

The course does not solve your accountancy issues, nor gives personal accountancy advice. It is only meant to inform and to enhance your own knowledge by bringing new skills to your studies and overall working experience.

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