Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements?

GCSE Mathematics; business or accountancy studies are ideal but not essential. However, an interview and self assessment would be necessary to determinate the level and/or group you will be training for.

What qualification/level is this course?

This course is aimed at learners wanting an overall introduction to accountancy before deciding to enrol in a full time accountancy course, or else work with their own self-experience and knowledge gained in this course. At the end of the course, you will undertake an internal examination of self knowledge and direction.

What can I expect to learn?

Students will be shown how to maintain ledgers, process invoices, credit notes, payments and run reports, computerised accounting, processing, bookkeeping transactions, control accounts, journals & the banking systems and basic costing.

What is the cost of the course?

Total 150 pounds course. Enrolment fee is 50 pounds, including private attendance certification.

What would I need?

A personal laptop, a booklet and pen might be necessary.

How long does the course last for?

The duration of the course is for six (6) hours and could be extended if needed for a recap.

When is that?

The course runs every Thursday 6-8pm. You are allowed to complete it anytime that suits you and the teacher, in a period of 4 months upon receipt of the payment in-full.

How will I learn?

Learning will be taught in sessions, group discussion, tutorials and individual studies and practice.
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